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In the world of outdoor exploration, Towing Enthusiasts are on a perpetual quest for the ideal vehicle—one that transcends mere transportation and becomes a conduit for unforgettable adventures.

Get ready to discover the best SUVs for towing in our guide. Imagine weekends filled with camping under starlit skies, towing a boat for serene days on the water, and forging enduring memories with loved ones.

We considered towing capacity, performance, safety, fuel efficiency, comfort, tech, and cargo space to offer trusted companions for family adventures — a perfect blend of power, safety, and efficiency. Join us on this exploration, finding not just vehicles but companions for families forging their path to adventure!

Understanding Towing Capacity

Simply put, it refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can safely tow, encompassing both the trailer’s weight and its contents. For families, where weekends are synonymous with camping and boating, comprehending and prioritizing towing capacity is not just a choice but a necessity.

In our pursuit of the best SUVs for towing, a closer inspection of specifications becomes imperative. Engine power, transmission type, and suspension systems play pivotal roles in determining a vehicle’s ability to gracefully handle the additional load of a trailer or boat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an SUV for Towing:

  • Towing Capacity: Understand the towing capacity of the SUV, considering the weight of your trailer or boat along with its contents.
  • Performance: Evaluate the engine power and transmission type as these directly impact the SUV’s towing performance.
  • Safety Features: Prioritize advanced safety technologies, stability control, trailer sway control, and braking systems to ensure a secure towing experience.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Balance towing capacity with fuel efficiency, considering hybrid or electric options for eco-conscious choices.
  • Interior Space and Comfort: Evaluate spacious interiors, adjustable seating configurations, and luxurious amenities for a comfortable family experience.
  • Technology Integration: Look for towing-specific apps, 360-degree camera systems, and integrated trailer brake controllers for enhanced convenience and safety.
  • Cargo Space: Examine the cargo space with seats up and seats folded down to accommodate both passengers and luggage comfortably.

15 Best SUVs for Towing

After thorough research into the 15 best SUVs for towing, we’ve curated a list that stands out in terms of towing capacity, performance, safety features, and overall suitability for family adventures.

1. 2024 Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer
Photo From
  • MSRP Price: $62,945
  • Towing Capacity: 10,000 Pounds
  • Performance: Twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six / 420 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 17/24 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 116.7 cubic feet

The 2024 Jeep Wagoneer takes the towing crown with its muscular twin-turbo inline-six, churning out a robust 420 hp. Packed with plush interiors and tech, it’s a towing champ without sacrificing luxury.

Opt for the Series II trim, flaunting Nappa leather, and 20-inch wheels for that extra touch of class. Tack on the Premium Group package for a panoramic sunroof and cargo area privacy shade.

This powerhouse SUV tows up to 10,000 pounds, outshining rivals. While the Grand Wagoneer steals the tech spotlight, the Wagoneer is the wallet-friendly titan in the SUV towing arena, where brawn meets elegance.

2. 2024 Toyota Sequoia

Photo from Toyota
  • MSRP Price: $60,875
  • Towing Capacity: 9,520 Pounds
  • Performance: i-FORCE MAX Twin-Turbo V6 Hybrid / 437 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 21/24 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 86.9 cubic feet

The 2024 Toyota Sequoia emerges as a towing hero with its robust V-6 hybrid powertrain, sharing muscles with the Tundra Hybrid. Clocking in at 437 hp, it flexes enough strength to tow and haul with the big players.

Inside, tech abounds, making the journey comfy for kids. However, the third row might cramp adult style, and cargo space struggles with uneven floors when the rear seats fold.

The Limited trim shines, boasting a 14.0-inch touchscreen, power liftgate, 20-inch wheels, and heated-cooled seats. While rivals ace practicality, the Sequoia’s hybrid punch makes it the sole, green giant in the segment.

Reviewed as one of the best vehicles for a family of 6.

3. 2024 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition
Photo by Ford
  • MSRP Price: $55,525
  • Towing Capacity: 9,300 Pounds
  • Performance: 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 / 380 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 17/23 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 121.5 cubic feet

The 2024 Ford Expedition roars into the towing spotlight with a mighty V-6 engine, boasting a hefty 9000-plus-pound towing capacity. Its vast interior, with room for eight and impressive cargo space, makes it a practical choice for families and adventures.

Despite a slightly imprecise steering feel, the Expedition delivers a forgiving ride and body-on-frame sturdiness for off-road peace of mind.

The Limited trim strikes a balance, offering leather-trimmed seats, a Bang & Olufsen stereo, and an enticing Stealth Performance package for improved driving dynamics. Ford’s Expedition stands tall as a towing powerhouse with family-friendly versatility.

4. 2024 Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango
Photo From Dodge
  • MSRP Price: $41,670
  • Towing Capacity: 8,700 pounds
  • Performance: Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® V8 / 710 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 19/26 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 85 cubic feet

The 2024 Dodge Durango flexes its muscles as the SUV towing champion, boasting a lineup of powerful engine options and an outstanding towing capacity, reaching up to 8700 pounds with the optional V-8.

While its thirst for fuel and lack of standard driver aids may raise eyebrows, the Durango compensates with an extroverted style and a racing stripe attitude.

The mid-range GT model is the smart choice, offering value and the option to stick with the efficient V-6. Despite a slightly disappointing third row, the Durango roars onto the towing scene, a bold and brawny contender.

5. 2024 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator
Photo from Lincoln
  • MSRP Price: $82,765
  • Towing Capacity: 8700 Pounds
  • Performance: Twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter / 440 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 16/22 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 103.4 cubic feet

The 2024 Lincoln Navigator emerges as the ultimate towing SUV, blending immense luxury with robust performance.

Boasting a 440-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission, it accelerates to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds, offering an impressive 8700-pound towing capacity. The Navigator’s interior is a sanctuary of opulence, featuring massaging seats and spacious third-row legroom.

While its sheer size may pose challenges in traffic, it translates into abundant cargo space, especially in the long-wheelbase version. The Navigator epitomizes towing prowess and luxury, setting a new standard for the road-trip chariot.

Ready to discover the perfect budget-friendly SUV for towing? Find your ideal match through the best-used car websites we recommend.

6. 2024 Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada
Photo From Nissan USA
  • MSRP Price: $55,620
  • Towing Capacity: 8,500 Pounds
  • Performance: 5.6-liter V-8 / 400 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 14/19 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 92.6 cubic feet

The Nissan Armada stands tall as the go-to SUV for towing, proudly embracing its old-school charm with a powerful 5.6-liter V-8 engine delivering 400 horsepower. Its robust frame, four-wheel-drive option, and standard limited-slip rear axle ensure a towing prowess of up to 8500 pounds.

While sipping fuel more generously than its counterparts, the Armada compensates with a luxurious SL trim offering a sunroof, leather appointments, and a Bose audio system.

The Armada excels in capability, making a bold statement on the road, and leaving a lasting impression of strength and reliability for families seeking adventure.

7. 2024 Infiniti QX80

Infiniti QX80
Photo From Infiniti USA
  • MSRP Price: $74,150
  • Towing Capacity: 8500 Pounds
  • Performance: 5.6-liter V8 / 400 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 14/20 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 95.1 cubic feet

The 2024 Infiniti QX80 has a commanding presence with a 400-hp V-8 engine, offering a regal ride for those who prioritize luxury over speed. While its design echoes a decade-old charm, the QX80 showcases a refreshed interior with a user-friendly 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Its towing capacity of 8500 pounds surpasses rivals like the Mercedes GLS450, making it a formidable choice for adventurous families.

The fuel economy might not win awards, but the QX80 compensates with spacious interiors, comfortable seating, and a competitive warranty, ensuring a royal experience for those seeking opulence on the road.

8. 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe
Photo From Chevrolet
  • MSRP Price: $56,200
  • Towing Capacity: 8,400 Pounds
  • Performance: 5.3-liter V-8 L84 / 355 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 15/20 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 122.9 cubic feet

The 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe earns its towing crown with robust powertrain options, including a gutsy 6.2-liter V-8. With a hefty 8400-pound towing capacity, it’s a towing titan, rivaling full-size pickup trucks.

The Tahoe’s versatile interior ensures a comfortable ride for up to eight passengers, and the Z71 model adds adventurous flair with off-road capabilities.

The diesel engine, offering an impressive 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, caters to fuel-conscious drivers. Packed with tech, towing aids, and a spacious cabin, the Tahoe stands tall as the SUV of choice for those seeking towing prowess without sacrificing comfort.

A Chevrolet Tahoe is best suited for the donk treatment. Find out more about what makes a car a donk!

9. 2024 GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon
Photo From GMC
  • MSRP Price: $58,200
  • Towing Capacity: 8,400 Pounds
  • Performance: 5.3L V8 Engine / 355 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 16/20 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 122.9 cubic feet

The 2024 GMC Yukon asserts its dominance as the ultimate SUV for towing, flaunting robust V-8 powertrains and a muscular diesel engine. With a towing capacity of 8400 pounds, it’s a trailblazer, rivaling even pickup trucks.

The diesel option, boasting an impressive 27 mpg, caters to the fuel-savvy. Its stylish exterior, shared with the Chevy Tahoe, hides a plush interior, particularly in the Denali trim.

From city streets to off-road adventures, the Yukon’s diverse models cater to varied lifestyles. For those seeking towing prowess without compromising luxury, the GMC Yukon stands tall as the SUV of choice.

10. 2024 Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban
Photo From Chevrolet
  • MSRP Price: $59,200
  • Towing Capacity: 8,300 Pounds
  • Performance: 5.3-liter V-8 / 355 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 21/27 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 144.7 cubic feet

The 2024 Chevrolet Suburban emerges as the top SUV for towing, addressing the needs of large families and adventure seekers alike. With a potent engine lineup, including a fuel-efficient diesel option, it flaunts a towing capacity of 8,300 pounds.

The RST trim, with its sporty flair, strikes a balance between style and functionality, equipped with desirable features like leather seats and a Bose stereo.

The spacious interior, improved cargo area, and advanced towing assists make it a versatile powerhouse. Whether pulling a trailer or accommodating a big crew, the Suburban conquers the road with confidence and capability.

Reviewed as one of the best cars to sleep in.

11. 2024 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender
Photo From Land Rover
  • MSRP Price: $56,400
  • Towing Capacity: 8,200 pounds
  • Performance: 2.0L P300 i4 GAS / 296 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 17/20 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 78.8 cubic feet

The 2024 Land Rover Defender stands tall as the ultimate SUV for towing, blending rugged off-road prowess with refined urban charm. Tailored to diverse needs, it offers three body styles, ensuring a perfect fit for every lifestyle.

The new 130 model, with its Outbound trim, sacrifices the third row for extra cargo space, exemplifying versatility. While the six-cylinder engine provides a balanced blend of power and efficiency, thrill-seekers can opt for the 518-hp supercharged V-8.

With cutting-edge technology, an adaptable interior, and Land Rover’s off-road wizardry, the Defender is the go-to choice for those who demand performance, luxury, and adventure in one charismatic package.

Reviewed as one of the best cars for long-distance driving.

12. 2024 Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery
Photo From Land Rover
  • MSRP Price: $58,400
  • Towing Capacity: 8,200 pounds
  • Performance: Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder / 296 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 19/22 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 74.3 cubic feet

The 2024 Land Rover Discovery is the top SUV for towing, balancing family comfort with off-road adventure. With room for seven in its upscale cabin, it bridges luxury and practicality.

The choice between the turbo-four or turbocharged inline-six engines caters to diverse preferences. While on-road performance is competent, its true prowess lies in off-road escapades, boasting a two-speed transfer case and an air suspension system.

The midrange Dynamic models offer the best value, providing a perfect blend of features. With a towing capacity of 8200 pounds, the Discovery is your go-to companion for family trips, ensuring a perfect blend of luxury and capability.

13. Cadillac Escalade:

Cadillac Escalade
Photo From Cadillac
  • MSRP Price: $81,895
  • Towing Capacity: 8,200 Pounds
  • Performance: 6.2L V8 engine / 420 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 14/19 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 142.8 cubic feet

The 2024 Cadillac Escalade reigns supreme as the ultimate SUV for towing, blending luxury with powerful performance. Boasting a 420-hp V-8 and an optional torque-rich turbo-diesel, it effortlessly hauls up to 8200 pounds.

With a plush ride, secure handling, and a lavish interior featuring a curved OLED digital display, the Escalade excels against rivals like the Lincoln Navigator.

The top-tier Premium Luxury Platinum trim offers semi-aniline leather, massage seats, a Super Cruise, and a 36-speaker AKG audio system. Unmatched in its segment, the Escalade delivers unparalleled towing prowess, ensuring a smooth, stylish, and powerful journey.

The Cadillac Escalade is one of the newest cars with CD players.

14. 2024 Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover
Photo From Land Rover
  • MSRP Price: $108,875
  • Towing Capacity: 8200 pounds
  • Performance: 4.4-liter V-8 engine / 523 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 18/26 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 83.5 cubic feet

The 2024 Land Rover Range Rover earns its stripes as the ultimate SUV for towing, blending luxury with off-road prowess. Renowned among celebrities, it caters to the elite with plush features and extravagant customizations.

With robust powertrains including a V-8 cranking 606 hp, it effortlessly tows up to 8200 pounds. The Autobiography model, our top pick, boasts a 1600-watt Meridian stereo and an extended wheelbase for a third row of seats.

Whether cruising the red carpet or tackling rugged terrains, the Range Rover’s towing prowess, opulent interiors, and cutting-edge tech make it a towing titan in the luxury SUV realm.

15. 2024 Lexus LX

Lexus LX
Photo From Lexus
  • MSRP Price: $92,915
  • Towing Capacity: 8,000 pounds
  • Performance: 3.4-liter V-6 / 409 hp
  • Fuel Efficiency: 17/22 (city/highway)
  • Cargo Space: 71 cubic feet

The 2024 Lexus LX, an opulent powerhouse, secures its spot as the ultimate SUV for towing. Unveiling a refined demeanor, it inherits the Land Cruiser’s legacy of durability and off-road prowess.

The Luxury trim strikes the sweet spot, offering semi-aniline leather and a Mark Levinson stereo. A robust 409-hp twin-turbo V-6, 10-speed auto, and four-wheel drive dominate the road.

The LX’s plush cabin, accommodating up to seven, boasts quilted leather, wood trim, and tech prowess with a 12.3-inch infotainment display. With an impressive 8000-pound towing capacity, the LX600 masterfully marries luxury with towing might.

Fuel Efficiency Considerations:

Towing Enthusiasts, who value both power and efficiency, seek a delicate balance to ensure their SUV not only tows trailers effortlessly but also does so with optimal fuel economy.

Hybrid and Electric Options:

In the quest for fuel efficiency, many SUV manufacturers now offer hybrid and electric options. These vehicles combine towing capabilities with eco-friendly features, appealing to families conscious of their environmental impact.

Best Hybrid SUVs for Towing

  1. Toyota Sequoia Hybrid: (9,520 lbs max towing capacity)
  2. Ford Explorer Hybrid: ( 5,000 lbs max towing capacity)
  3. Toyota Highlander Hybrid: ( 3,500 lbs max towing capacity)

Best Plug-In Hybrid SUVS for Towing

  1. Porsche Cayenne: (7,700 lbs max towing capacity)
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee: (6,000 lbs max towing capacity)
  3. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: (3,500 lbs max towing capacity)

Best Electric SUVS for Towing

  1. Rivian R1S: (7,700 lbs max towing capacity)
  2. Hummer EV SUV: (7,500 lbs max towing capacity)
  3. BMW X5 xDrive 50e: (7,200 lbs max towing capacity)
  4. Tesla Model X: (5,000 lbs max towing capacity) (Reviewed as one of the most expensive electric cars. )
  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV: (6,000 lbs max towing capacity)

Best Midsize SUVs for Towing

  • Dodge Durango: (8,700 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Land Rover Defender: (8,200 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Land Rover Discovery: (8,200 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE: (7,700 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Audi RS Q8: (7,700 lbs max towing capacity)

Best SUVs for Towing a Camper

  • Ford Expedition: 9,300 Pounds (Best for towing a heavy travel trailer)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 7,200 Pounds (Best for towing a medium travel trailer)
  • Honda Pilot: 5,000 Pounds (Best for towing a light travel trailer)

Best Small/Compact SUVs for Towing

  • Maserati Grecale (5,952 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC: (5,291 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Ford Bronco: (4,500 lbs max towing capacity)
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport: (4,409 lbs max towing capacity)
  • BMW X3: (4,400 lbs max towing capacity)

Best SUVs for Towing a Boat

  • Ford Expedition: 9,300-lb Tow Capacity
  • Lincoln Navigator: 8,700-lb Tow Capacity
  • Chevrolet Tahoe: 8,600-lb Tow Capacity

Best Small SUVs for Towing 5000 lbs

  • Subaru Ascent: 5,000 Pounds
  • Chevrolet Traverse: 5,000 Pounds
  • Hyundai Palisade: 5,000 Pounds
  • Volkswagen Atlas: 5,000 Pounds
  • Honda Passport: 5,000 Pounds

Best Crossover SUVs for Towing

  • Dodge Durango: 8,700 Pounds
  • Land Rover Discovery: 8,200 Pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 7,200 Pounds
  • BMW X5: 7,200 Pounds
  • 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: 7,000 Pounds

Towing Efficiency Tips:

Regardless of the type of engine, families can enhance fuel efficiency while towing through mindful driving practices. Maintaining a steady speed, avoiding rapid acceleration or deceleration, and adhering to recommended maintenance schedules contribute to better fuel economy.

Consideration of Payload and Aerodynamics:

Beyond the engine type, considering the payload and aerodynamics of the trailer significantly impacts fuel efficiency. Streamlined trailers with proper weight distribution reduce wind resistance, allowing the SUV to operate more efficiently. Additionally, packing efficiently and only carrying necessary items can further optimize fuel consumption.

Interior Space and Comfort

For families with a penchant for outdoor adventures, the interior of an SUV plays a pivotal role in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Towing a trailer or boat often requires ample space for passengers and cargo, making considerations of interior space and comfort paramount in the selection process.

1. Spacious Interiors for Families:

The best SUVs for towing prioritize spacious interiors to accommodate families and their gear comfortably. Three-row SUVs like the Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Expedition offer expansive cabins, ensuring enough room for both passengers and luggage.

2. Adjustable Seating Configurations:

Versatile seating configurations enhance the adaptability of an SUV’s interior. Models like the Toyota Sequoia and GMC Yukon provide options to fold down seats, create additional cargo space, or configure seating for maximum comfort, catering to the diverse needs of families on the go.

 3. Luxurious Amenities:

Interior comfort extends beyond space to include luxurious amenities. Features such as leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats and advanced infotainment systems contribute to a premium driving experience. The Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS exemplify this combination of comfort and luxury.

4. Convenience for Towing:

Towing-specific features enhance the overall convenience of an SUV. Integrated trailer brake controllers, towing mirrors, and advanced camera systems aid in the towing process making it more manageable for drivers. The Chevrolet Tahoe and Nissan Armada are renowned for their towing-friendly features.

5. Technology Integration:

Connectivity and technology features are integral to a modern SUV’s interior. Families benefit from features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-car Wi-Fi, keeping everyone entertained and connected during long journeys. The Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90 exemplify the seamless integration of technology within the SUV interior.

6. Quiet and Comfortable Ride:

A quiet and comfortable ride is essential, especially when towing long distances. SUVs like the Land Rover Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne focus on providing a smooth, quiet driving experience, ensuring that families arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

By prioritizing interior space and comfort, families can transform their towing journeys into pleasant adventures. The subsequent section will delve into the technology features integrated into the top SUVs for towing, exploring how these technologies contribute to safety and convenience on the road.

Technology Features:

Modern SUVs designed for towing seamlessly integrate advanced technologies to enhance safety and convenience for families on the road.

  • Towing-Specific Apps: Models like the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Suburban come equipped with towing-specific apps, providing real-time information on trailer status and tire pressure, offering drivers enhanced control and monitoring capabilities.
  • 360-Degree Camera Systems: Found in SUVs like the Ford Expedition and Nissan Armada, 360-degree camera systems provide a comprehensive view of the surroundings, simplifying challenges associated with parking and hitching when towing large trailers or boats.
  • Trailer Sway Control Systems: Advanced trailer sway control systems, featured in vehicles like the Dodge Durango and Toyota Sequoia, automatically apply brakes and adjust engine power to maintain stability, ensuring a secure towing experience.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): The Subaru Ascent and Volvo XC90 showcase the integration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) tailored for towing, incorporating features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking.
  • Connectivity Options: Prioritizing connectivity, SUVs like the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS offer features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-car Wi-Fi, ensuring passengers stay entertained and connected during extended journeys.
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controllers: The Chevrolet Tahoe and Lincoln Navigator feature integrated trailer brake controllers, simplifying braking processes and enhancing overall safety during towing. As families embark on towing adventures, these technology features contribute to a safer, more convenient, and enjoyable journey.


From understanding towing capacity and prioritizing safety to exploring the top SUVs renowned for towing prowess, we’ve covered essential factors. Balancing fuel efficiency, and interior comfort, and integrating cutting-edge technology ensures a secure and enjoyable journey.


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